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This policy provides a mechanism for patients and others to communicate positive- and negative matters to the Practice. This policy forms part of the terms and conditions of this Practice.



  1.  If we have done something well or something unexpected, please feel free to provide such feedback to us.
  2.  You are also welcome to complete the C&C Form to give us your feedback, and include your suggestions.
  3.  You do not have to provide your name or details, but we would love to know who youare!


It is advisable to raise a concern or a complaint as and when the specific issue arise. However, this may not always be possible. In general, the Practice will deal with complaints as follows:



  • The complainant raises the concern verbally as and when the matter occurs. If raised while in hospital, the hospital will bring the
    complaint to the Practice’s attention.
  • The person at whom the complaint is directed will attempt to address the complaint there and then, if possible.
  • A short note will be kept by the practice of complaint. This note is NOT kept in the patient’s file, and a complaint has no impact
    on the care provided, or to be provided, to apatient.



  • If the matter is unresolved, please complete the C&C form, giving as much detail aspossible.
  • The complaint form can be handed in at the Practice or can be emailed to
  • The doctor and practice manager will look at the complaint, deciding whether it is a healthcare or administrative complaint.
  • We may contact you to clarify certain details, to set up an appointment and/or to obtain more information.
  • If the complaint is anonymous (which the Practice does not recommend), addressing matters raised would be done in the best
    judgement of the doctor and practice manager without involving thecomplainant.



  • The resolution phase may entail a meeting with the complainant during which the complainant could explain his/her point of view and the Practice could do the same. It could also serve to give feedback to the complainant as to how the practice proposes toor have resolve(d) the matter, and/or how it will deal with similar matters in future.
  • The complainant will receive time to consider the information provided and/or theproposed.
  • The resolution will be recorded and kept separate from the patient’s file. No complaint, irrespective of what the outcome, will
    affect the care to be received by the patient or his/her family or friends, at the Practice.



  • If a matter remains unresolved, the complainant and the Practice will agree on a process of mediation. For this, the Practice uses
    PsychMg/ Healthman/ Elsabe Klinck & Associates or MPS.
  • If resolution is not possible, an outside entity may be approached by thecomplainant.



  • If the relationship of trust between the Practitioner and the patient has broken down, the Practice may refer the patient to another
    practice. Only a referral note on the healthcare status of the patient will beshared.


All matters pertaining to a complaint will be handled confidentially. It will only be shared if the complainant agrees to such sharing, or
if the complainant takes further steps and the Practice has to address the complaint at an outside entity.

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